Technology Specialists Remind Oregon Businesses & Non-Profits to Update

Managers of non-governmental organizations, education market suppliers and small businesses often have far more important things to do than install software updates. Many people feel that the fact their devices periodically stop themselves in order to download a hotfix is a serious problem, since it holds them back. However, making sure that you have all of the relevant security patches is a great way to reduce potentially costly problems later on.

A single ransomware attack could bring down all of the collective IT resources of an entire organization. Since most groups don’t have enough personnel to install all of these updates themselves, local ones might want to consider working with managed IT support in Oregon. By contracting out to a different provider, business specialists can get back to what they consider the most important day-to-day tasks without having to invest a large amount of money training additional staff.

One of the biggest advantages of working with managed IT support in Oregon is that an outside group can recruit staff that has the ability to work with a wide variety of different platforms and ecosystems. Few companies or even well-staffed NGOs would be able to acquire all of the personnel needed to maintain servers running GNU/Linux, PCs running Microsoft Windows and a host of different types of mobile devices. A dedicated service could do so while also providing staff familiar with the Macintosh platform, which is often in demand by education market users.

To learn more about managed IT support in Oregon, visit Xiologix on the web.

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