5 Settings that could Benefit from Ethernet Extenders

Ethernet is the most popular networking behind LAN technology. Everyone can use LAN, from the biggest corporations to the smallest companies worldwide. It has applications spreading to almost any industry.

Ethernet extenders over coaxial cable are designed to provide high-speed networking over extended distances, or expand a broadband network to benefit more people in a particular area. If you are thinking about a cost-effective solution for how to share large files across multiple computers, Ethernet extenders solve this particular problem.

Here are 5 most common applications of an Ethernet extender over coaxial cable:

  1. School campus – Setting up networks within a school campus provides students with the power to transfer documents between computers easily. Need to submit a paper in time? If all school computers are connected with each other, despite being thousands of feet apart, then submissions could be done quickly and effortlessly.

  2. Corporate office –Secure office documents with local-based networking, and share files across various departments with ease. Depending on how big the office is, you can combine point-to-point installations with MDU/MTU set-up for a wider range.

  3. Commercial stores – Business owners who have two or more storefronts within a town or city can avoid additional expenses from unnecessary cabling by simply connecting the first network to the second store. Not only will you be able to access accounting-related documents in real time, you’ll also be able to spend less time traveling to and from each store.

  4. Public buildings – Libraries, government offices, museums and other public buildings could benefit from ethernet extenders significantly. Files, records, and other documents can be organized much more easily with a connected archive.

  5. Home –Transfer large-sized multimedia files like photos, videos, or music quickly by creating high-speed networking via standard coaxial cabling already used for your cable TV.

With a new broadband network done via an existing RG-6, RG-11, or RG-59 cable, you can improve networking tenfold without the need for expensive upgrades or renovations.

Note that each Ethernet extender kit has corresponding distance and connection speed associated, so be sure to read finer specification details to find the most appropriate kit for your needs. If you need help figuring out which kit would work best for your setting, contact Netsys Direct for the most appropriate ethernet extender kit recommendation.

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