Advantages of a Modern Touchscreen Kiosk

Touchscreen kiosks have come a long way from what was available in the 90’s. Back then, kiosks were usually single function machines that would provide a service, but were often clunky and tended to be riddled with security holes. These days, modern interactive kiosk systems have benefited from the advances in computer and cellular technology to become highly secure, reliable, and easy to use machines. Here are just a couple of advantages of these new systems over the old ones of yesteryear.


Let’s be honest, in the past kiosks have been plagued with a number of problems including durability. Because of the wide range of manufacturers and configurations, some of these could have some pretty odd input selections making use difficult. This problem would get worse over time as the lettering would wear away from use. Eventually the lettering would wear away completely or a button would simply wear out and stop working. This could leave an otherwise good kiosk inoperable. With modern systems, this is not an issue. Since they use touchscreens now, you don’t have to worry about your shiny new kiosk wearing out anytime soon, and you don’t have to worry about customers not being able to read their options on the screen unless it is purposely destroyed.

Easy Upgrades

Modern interactive touchscreen kiosks are essentially large computers, so these will often come with plug and play hardware. What this means is that if you decide you want to upgrade your kiosk later on you don’t necessarily have to hire a technician. While it is always advisable to hire a professional when working with hardware like this, anyone can upgrade these systems if they have access to the internals. Thanks to the plug and play nature you simply plug in the new accessory and they system will install any drivers it need for it to work.

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