Combat Ineffective Time Keeping with Web-Based Time Clocks

Some SMBs still use time clocks that physically stamp time on a time card. While this is an effective way to keep track of employees and their work hours, it is outdated and is susceptible to time fraud. There is a better way to monitor time through the progression of an employee’s work day. Web-based time clocks give employers an improved way to keep track of employees, as well a stream-lined way of generating reports and sending payroll figures to the proper departments. In short, web time clocks are changing the way today’s workforce is managed.

Find Professional and Affordable Automated Workforce Management

The beauty of using an automated workforce management system is the way it helps lower cost and streamline data management. There are also several convenient ways an employee can punch in and out including a physical time clock, website, mobile app or phone.
Attendance is logged and stored in the cloud through an online account that is accessible by owners and authorized managers. In addition, sophisticated attendance software keeps a tally of hours with the ability to run reports, manage the system and make any necessary changes. When a business is ready to process payroll, it is as simple as running a report and exporting it to a payroll application. The process is automated, smooth and perhaps most importantly – it is accurate.

Cloud Computing: The Future of Time and Attendance

Today, businesses need to be as flexible as possible and leverage options that help them save time and money. With cloud computing, a manager or company owner is capable of viewing time and attendance reports of employees from anywhere, at any time. No matter how an employee punches in, web time clocks aggregate all the important work hour data online for simple reconciliation and editing. What’s more, systems like biometric time clocks are more accurate and valuable when it comes to tracking work hours, processing payroll and keeping tally of employee attendance behaviors including sick days, vacations days and much more. When you have the right web-based time clock system in place, you can even integrate with your payroll application to streamline each and every pay period. This reduces the amount of money expended on hours and hours of payroll labor and alleviates some HR hassle.

uAttend offers some of the most advanced web-time clocks and attendance tracking software in the employment management system market. If you’re looking for an effective and affordable automated workforce management solution, visit their website today.



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