Generate Accurate Forecasts With Food and Beverage Supply Chain Software

In the fast-paced food and beverage industry, accuracy is everything. Because considerations for inventory space, shelf-life and demand have to be made, projecting for future needs can be difficult without the proper tools. For that reason, it’s imperative to minimize errors using food and beverage supply chain software.

Why Is Accuracy So Important?

The food and beverage industry is unique because products can’t be stored for indefinite amounts of time. Likewise, because foods and beverages have special storing requirements, such as temperature and sanitation, long-term storage can be costly and inefficient. What’s more, meeting uncertain levels of demand can prove difficult when inventory can’t always be easily replenished. More specifically, while stocking up on products helps meet needs, it isn’t always plausible or cost-efficient to store food and beverage items on-site. Conversely, ordering products as needed can halt production in the event of a late delivery.

How Can Software Help?

Creating accurate forecasts is vitally important for anyone in the food and beverage industry. That said, collecting the necessary sales data and formulating these predictions can be tedious and inefficient. Food and beverage supply chain software can increase efficiency by using demand data directly from customers and distributors to create accurate weekly forecasts. With supply chain software, you can drive an effective sales and operations planning process while managing and collaborating on reliably accurate forecasts. With such little margin for error, it’s imperative forecasts are able to respond to seasonality, shifting growth trends and product mix transitions. Without the proper supply chain software, it can be difficult to accurately account for these changes.

Looking to increase efficiency by generating highly accurate forecasts? Look no further than Demand Solutions’ food and beverage supply chain software for all of your forecasting needs.

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