Skills to Look for in a Digital Marketing Specialist in New Haven

A digital marketing specialist in New Haven develops and manages a company’s online presence by using free and paid digital marketing techniques. In other words, it’s about making sure you get in front of the right people. A digital marketer can be a jack of all trades.

You must look for different skills when evaluating candidates, depending on the nature of the position you’re hiring for.

Highly Analytical

A digital marketer’s most important task is to tell a story with numbers. The Janice Christopher Marketing Agency knows how to find the right numbers, comprehend them, and devise methods to improve KPIs. Having Excel know-how also helps, as no matter what their field, they’ll have to deal with sheets.

Must Be a Great Writer

A good digital marketing specialist in New Haven should be able to write well, even if it’s not their core job. For your digital marketer to be effective, they will need to be superb writers who can write anything from social media captions to long-form SEO-optimized blog posts.

Know Their SEO

Even if they aren’t SEO experts, all digital marketers need to understand the basics of SEO. They should know the basics of keyword research, optimization, white-hat vs. black-hat SEO, on-page ranking signals, and more. It’s helpful to be familiar with at least one important SEO tool.

Write Emails You Read

Digital marketing specialists should not only know how to create great emails, but also understand how to make them effective. They must have a thorough understanding of email marketing analytics as well as how to enhance them.

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