Solutions for Sending and Receiving Documents With Ease and Speed

Twenty years ago, before the internet, before email, and before instant messaging we simply relied on what we thought, at the time, was modern technology. That ‘modern technology’ included office items like fax machines, which were the height of technological breakthroughs when they were first rolled out in offices around the world. People plugged them in for the first time, hooked up the telephone line and sent documents to their neighbors and friends via the telephone line, which in those days was something to celebrate.

However, as we well know, times change and technology is no exception. In fact, technology is one of the most frequently changing things and we are always moving forward in the world of electronics. Just look how quickly we have gone from simply being able to make a phone call on a cell phone to actually sending and receiving text messages, photos and using social media. The cell phone has become the item that most of us can’t live without and not only that but many of us can’t imagine what we would have done before cell phones—just ask anyone under thirty because they won’t even remember not having one.

Modern Solutions for Getting the Message Across

Aside from faxes, which are becoming less popular, there are a host of other methods used to get important documents from A to B. One of the methods used is email, where the document can be sent as an attachment. This is probably the most commonly used method of instant transference of documents these days. If an electronic copy is acceptable an email can be send with a scanned version of an original document, such as a birth certificate, notarized letter or completed form, can be sent as the attachment. However, if a hard copy is required there is still good ol’ fashioned snail mail and overnight courier services that you can use to send your documents. Nowadays it is far easier to contact a person across the world and send instantaneous mail that ever before. How technology can move forward from here is a huge question. Just when we think we have reached the pinnacle of inventiveness and we can’t improve on perfection we seem to find new ideas.

Axacore offers fax and document solutions including FaxAgent fax server and XDOC document management solutions.

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