Understanding Security Information Event Management

One of the biggest challenges for security information event management projects is the integration of applications and data in order to provide detailed auditing, detect internal fraud, and comply with current regulations. The ability for detecting user behavior plus application level events isn’t always viable with many of such products, and will reduce the overall value produced in comparison to potential. Basically, security information and event management apps look at doorways, but not at the actual business application.

Importance of Event Detection
As most basic application logs contain insufficient data and usually are heavy, the non-intrusive approach will be required for detecting, transforming, and routing relevant events to the security application in required format. The provision of non-intrusive event detection when offloading detection, routing and formatting from business application servers is critical. Enabling pattern analysis with predefined patterns, existing detection logic with external data correlation alongside real-time detection or reaction is the next step in minimizing internal fraud.

Technological Progression in SEIM
The security information event management market is growing rapidly and proving its value within many complex scenarios throughout a number of technological components. The need for managing larger amounts of data through such components, documenting and archiving, plus detecting problems or issues arising from actual events has made these applications a necessity. However, due to a number of reasons including business integration issues, the concentration of information correlation of events is remaining on technical components within IT networks.

Event Management Deployment
Unfortunately, there has been little emphasis on actual business applications in which relevant actions and business processes leading to fraudulent activity and potential damages is actually performed. The current situation with many security information event management processes is often problematic regarding deployment. While many parameters are guarded and audited continuously, main areas including business applications are not. Because organizations are not able to audit application code while routing relevant events, a non-intrusive approach is necessary.

Additional Challenges
Other points include transforming data before it’s fed to security applications in solving parameter definitions and mapping issues that should be determined to help such programs understand data it receives. Another big point is ability for dealing with large output of monitoring events coming from various applications per node, along with offloading computation of these and routing or feeding events to such relevant targets including the event management application. The ideal SEIM application gathers critical application events and data while detecting internal fraud.

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