What To Expect From a Managed Services Pinellas County Company

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Digital Marketing

Managed services are specific information technology responsibilities and functions a third-party company offers. They are made to help organizations effectively maintain and manage their IT infrastructure, applications, and systems.

Third-party IT companies offer these services as part of service-level agreements. These agreements outline responsibilities, terms, and expectations between them and the client. When hiring a

managed services Pinellas County company, it is essential to understand the types of services you will receive.

Managed It Support

This includes remote monitoring, desk support, and on-site assistance in resolving IT systems, applications, or infrastructure issues. Experts also offer technical support to your organization’s end-users.

Cloud Management

Managed service providers take over your cloud’s infrastructure management, including optimization, migration, and cloud resource security. They do this mainly for platforms like Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS.

Network Management

Experts will oversee your company’s network infrastructure, including switches, security protocols, firewalls, routers, and security.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity issues have become one of the main challenges companies face because they increase the chances of losing data or infiltrating the organization’s private files.

Your managed services Pinellas County company takes on threat management, intrusion detection, compliance, and security monitoring responsibilities.

Infrastructure Management

Your IT hardware should be appropriately handled for optimal performance and increased lifespans. Therefore, the service providers will help manage them, including servers, data centers, computers, etc.

Data Backup And Recovery

The experts will take over your organization’s data backup and disaster recovery planning strategies. They also restore your data if you lose it because of system failures, human errors, disasters, computer theft, viruses, or power outages.

Compliance And Governance

This ensures your organization remains on the right side of the law. The service providers help with regulatory compliance efforts like documenting and managing IT processes so that you meet legal and industry requirements.

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