A Basic Overview Of Working With Magento APIs


Web APIs or application programming interfaces are designed to allow different software applications to share data and communicate with each other. A Magento API allows the Magento platform to communicate and share information with other applications including third party applications, mobile applications and even to manage secure logins for the website administrators as well as for customers.

The Basics

Each Magento API has to be set up and tested by API and Magento developers. This includes setting up protocols and routines for the communication as well as ensuring the correct authorization is obtained before sharing information.

Remember, the API is a set of protocols or rules, so they have to operate consistently across different operating systems, different browsers while still maintaining security and seamless sharing of required data.

Common APIs

To get started, here are some of the more common Magento API options used for small to mid-sized as well as the largest of the Magento eCommerce sites. Most eCommerce sites will include the following:

  • Develop a shopping app – this will allow the customer to use an app rather than a borrower-based website to access your inventory and make a purchase. For mobile users, this makes the process quicker and provides a more seamless experience.
  • Add products across multiple locations – with the use of the API product added or deleted from a website or an app by and authorized administrator will also be added or deleted across other selected platforms and applications. The same can be used to change pricing.
  • Develop Widgets – widgets are really mini apps that run on different systems. They can be used to display data, such as daily features, drawing attention to your Magento eCommerce site by featuring targeted audiences right from the smartphone, tablet, or another device.

Choosing the right API and the correct option to display the data will be important as a choice in the development phase of the Magento website. They can also be added later as the website grows.

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