DVD Duplication vs. DVD Replication Services

When you have the need to produce multiple copies of a DVD, you have two options available to you; you can either have the DVDs duplicated or replicated. The best option depends upon the intended purpose of the DVD. Detailed below you’ll find some of the key differences between DVD duplication and DVD replication services.

DVD Duplication Services

The DVD duplication process involves recording, otherwise known as burning, data onto a blank DVD disc. This option is definitely the faster of the two methods. It relies upon low burn speeds which involve burning the top surface of the discs via the use of specialized thermal or inkjet printers. The benefits of duplication over replication are DVDs are produced at a higher volume in a shorter amount of time and there is generally no minimum number of DVDs required to place an order.

DVD Replication Services

DVD replication is a more complicated process which provides for the highest quality in audio and video playback. It is a slower method requiring more complex processes which results in a longer turnaround time. While some who are in a hurry or on a dead line may consider this to be a drawback, the replication process provides exactly identical replicas of the original DVD, and the superior quality is evident during playback. Replicated DVDs do offer the advantage of functioning well in a variety of different DVD players. Some of the older players may not be able to adequately read the data from duplicated DVDs, which isn’t a problem when you use DVD replication services.

Where can you find high quality DVD replication services in NYC?

While there are many companies out there who offer DVD duplication services with fast turnaround times, Dataworks Inc. offers the highest available quality DVD replication services at affordable bulk rates. They use state of the art equipment and techniques in their DVD replication processes. This helps to ensure your order will come through with outstanding quality, excellent for making an impression upon the intended recipients. In addition to DVD replication services, they also provide printing for DVD labels, as well as customizable jackets, covers and cases for the safe and proper storage of the finished products. They offer individual consultation services for helping you or your business to find the perfect combination of product and services to meet your unique needs. If you’re looking for a reputable CD and DVD replication/duplication company, which also happens to dabble in customizable USB flash drives, CD jackets and boxes, as well as many other important accessories, look no further than the experts found at Dataworks.

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