From the Best iPhone Conference App to Charging Your Phone Faster: iPhone Tips Every Conference Planner Needs to Know

Conference organizers know how important it is to stay organized and be able to effectively multitask during the lead-up and execution of conferences and large events. Thankfully, there are a plethora of tools out there to help organizers stay on top of things. If you’re a conference organizer, and are wondering what the best iPhone apps are for your business, check out this starter guide.

Choose a great iPhone mobile event app. Technology has advanced from the good old days of checklists, binders, and paper maps for attendees, and if you’re not on top of this trend, you may be left behind. While paper solutions may have their place, a great iPhone conference call application can go a long way in helping you stay on top of even the teensiest details of a conference. When you’re looking for an iPhone mobile event app, look for one with a robust CMS for you and your team that doesn’t limit what you can accomplish while on mobile, and will provide attendees with the information they need. Push notifications are also a must, and comes standard with the best iPhone mobile event app choices out there. If you’re not sure where to start or are overwhelmed by choices, check out for a great option.
*   Keep your iPhone charged. If you’re a conference planner, there is little that likely causes more fear than thinking about your iPhone’s battery dying when it is “go time.” This is especially true if you’re using an iPhone mobile event app. Besides keeping your phone plugged into an outlet right up until the time you need to be at the event, try reducing the brightness on your phone or use the auto brightness feature, turn off the motion feature and turn off Bluetooth. If the worst happens, and your iPhone dies at an inconvenient time, turn on airplane mode while you charge it, and the charging process will go much faster. Your mobile event app should work with offline browsing.
*  Use other apps to your advantage. Besides using a great iPhone mobile event app, there are other apps intended for general use that can be great for conference planners. Make sure you have social media apps installed and updated before the conference, so you’re able to stay on top of delegate questions via Twitter and Facebook. Also, choose a few photo editing apps, such as Snapseed, so you can quickly take and edit beautiful photographs of the event for your clients to see.

What apps do you use for staying organized with your iPhone?


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