Watch Your Gift Card Sales Skyrocket

One way businesses can make a profit is through the sale of gift cards and certificates. In order to boost consumer confidence and to increase the amount of money they are spending, it is a good idea to have a gift card kiosk onsite. Research shows that consumers tend to spend more money when they are able to service themselves. To give your customers more control and purchasing power, encourage them in an engaging way to purchase your merchandise.

Decrease Missed Sales Opportunities

You do not have to come up with innovative ways to advertise your company’s certificates and prepaid cards. The use of a technologically advanced and interactive booth is a cheaper and more effective advertising solution that will also handle the process of payments and distribution of any gift certificates that are purchased. A gift card kiosk can service your customers when there is no one else available to do so. That means no more missed sales opportunities and more money that will ultimately be spent in your business.

Reloading Money Just Got Easier

Consumers love gift certificates and cards. These products provide consumers with an easier way to spend more money inside of your business. Since these cards are prepaid and reloadable, consumers can specify the amount of money they want to load onto the card for future use. An interactive booth makes reloading more convenient and gives customers more options as far as cash, credit, or debit to add value.

Transaction History

Gone are the days when a gift card had to be used all at all once. Now customers can keep track of all of their transactions at a gift card kiosk. This improves overall accountability and satisfaction. This also reduces the occurrence of customer disputes, embarrassment, and lost sales. Customers can save time by checking their balance before shopping and approaching the register.

Gift Giving Is Easier

Having a kiosk by the entrance and exit of your establishment is an excellent way of recapturing your customers’ attention before they leave your store. This gives them the opportunity to purchase last minute gift cards that they can use themselves, or give to someone else for future use. This is more effective than simply placing the certificates at the register in an area where customers are not necessarily going to see them. Since entrances and exits are the first and last things that are seen, you can use those areas to your advantage.

Take your sales to the next level with a gift card kiosk. Give your customers more buying power by giving them access to a gift card kiosk that allows them to purchase, reload, and check their transaction history at any time.

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