Is Your Bottom Line Impacted by Your Website Design?

When you begin designing and developing your website, chances are you invest quite a bit of money. But does this really make a difference? What is more important – an eloquent design or simplicity? What really matters to the users that visit your site? While ensuring the “wow” factor is present can leave a big impression on prospects, banks and investors, will this help to increase your sales?

The real key to a web design that is memorable and makes an impact is having a website that appears professional and credible. Even though it is somewhat difficult to determine if a great design will equal more revenue, there are a few principles that you should keep in mind when your site is being designed.

How to Improve Website Credibility

Some things that you can do to ensure that you have a credible website includes:

•  Provide users with a set of frequently asked questions and their answers.
•  Have your site arranged in a way that makes sense.
•  Provide content that comes with references and citations.
•  Show the credentials of your author.
•  Be certain that the design appears professional.
•  Provide links to outside materials and sources.
•  Ensure that you create links to other sites that are credible in your same, or related, industry.

Is having an Uncluttered Website Important?

If you want to ensure that your site appears to be professional, then you need to make sure that it is not cluttered. It is also important to keep your important information in the same area on the site. When a user knows where certain information is located, then they will be able to better use the website, providing an overall improvement to the usability. Be sure to use navigation tabs on your pages and place them in the same location on each page. Creating a consistent site is essential in superior usability.

It is Important to Provide Comparison Data?

Providing product comparisons on your site is beneficial, since it ensures that your visitor will be able to stay on one page, without having to travel to other sites to learn about a similar product. You can design your site at noble image so that the user determines what they want to compare, or you ca set this up yourself. This will provide users everything then need to make a purchasing decision directly from your website increasing the chances of a sale.

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