Small Orders For CD And DVD Duplication

For many people, outside of artists, musicians, companies and performers, there is no need for extremely high volume CD and DVD duplication. Instead, people may just want a few hundred copies for demos, giveaways or for promotional items. Bands, performers and artists may also want smaller numbers for sales if they have a limited fan following and perhaps a limited budget.

The good news is that you can still take advantage of professional CD and DVD duplication even if you just want a smaller number of a disk or a group of disks that highlights your work. Not all companies provide small job runs, but the top companies are only too willing to work with you to get the number of copies that you need.

Be Clear

If you do want to have a small number of copies, be sure to talk to the CD and DVD duplication company in advance. Many companies will provide a quote over the phone or through an online form submission. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect as final pricing.

Be very clear as to the number you want as well as any time considerations you have. Review the estimate and be careful to look for any indication that there may be an additional fee for a small job or for limited numbers.

Ask About Technical Issues

It is important to carefully check any concerns you may have about CD and DVD duplication and technical issues. This can include verifying that the disk can be used in all types of players or if there are limitations on the types of players that can read and play the disk.

In addition you will be instructed on the type of format that you need to supply the original material. If you are not sure about the correct format ask for assistance from the technical support department. Top companies will have experienced technicians on staff that can walk you through the process of submitting your files correctly. You can also provide a master for CD and DVD duplication; just make sure it is exactly how you want it.

We can answer all your questions about CD and DVD duplication for small jobs. You can also read more online at or contact us.

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