What You Should Know About USPS Address Verification

USPS address verificationUSPS Address Verification, which can also be referred to as address standardization or address validation, is a process used to check not only the validity but also the deliverability of physical mailing addresses. It is important to note that addresses are considered mailable or valid if they are certified by CASS. That is, an address is valid if it can be found within the mailable addresses list on CASS’s address management system or AMS. It is worth noting that the address management system is different from the address verification system used by credit card companies. Unlike the credit card address verification system, the USPS address verification system determines the deliverability of a personal address. Address verification directly can be carried out directly on the USPS website.

Before a personal address is certified as deliverable, or certified by CASS, it is standardized first. During standardization, the address is taken and converted into a standard format. This is done by correcting the address, where necessary, and adding any missing information such as zip codes to produce a complete personal address. The final address after standardization contains such information as your street address, your city, the state and zip code. Different methods are used to create the most accurate address possible. These include abbreviations, spelling corrections and completion.

Once the standardization is complete, the address is compared against the list containing all the valid addresses in the address management system. This is for purposes of determining if it is indeed a valid address. An important thing to remember is that the validity of an address is based on several factors. These include the address renumbering through the USPS LACS or locatable address conversion system, and address completion.

USPS address verification has a number of benefits. For starters, it verifies and corrects addresses before mailing. This helps to ensure mails or parcels get delivered to the right people. The system also helps to remove any duplicated addresses. Lastly, by only using valid addresses, it helps to reduce delivery delays.

The process of checking the validity or deliverability of a personal address is what is known as USPS address verification. The verification helps remove any duplicate addresses that may be on the system.

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