What is the common printer used at home?

In the typical home office you find simple standalone printers as well as multi-purpose printers that also act as a scanner, fax and photocopier. The common denominator between them is the fact the greatest majority all use inkjet printer cartridges. Simple, standalone printers are quite inexpensive but if the requirements are such that fax, scanning and photocopying are also needed, a combination unit will certainly save valuable real estate on the desktop or counter. Rarely do you see the old dot matrix printer any longer, the common ink sources today are inkjet cartridge and toner cartridges. Today’s inexpensive wireless networking devices makes it very simple to use one printer for multiple computers.

If you use your printer for personal use, the same device can be used in an office environment if the printing demands are not that heavy. A home printer does not get called upon to run hundreds of copies; this may be a need in an office. Speed is another factor that must be taken into account when the printer is destined for office use and the printer must be of such quality that the results are crisp and clear, the mark of a professional office environment.

Perhaps the most common home office printer is an inkjet machine, they are not expensive, they are quite small and they can turn out very high quality results. The volume that can be expected and the speed of printing are typically low and slow. They take readily available inkjet printer cartridges which can be somewhat expensive on a per page basis but this is usually offset by the fact that the printer was inexpensive and furthermore, refillable cartridges can be used which saves on the per page cost.

For home offices that have considerably higher print volumes many people opt for a laser printer. These printers are more expensive to purchase and the toner cartridges are also expensive but they do last for a long time and can print a large number of pages before they need refilling or replacing.

Many offices require the ability to fax and scan as well as print and copy, in these cases the obvious solution is to buy an all in one product rather than stand alone units.

Inkjet printer cartridges for the most popular brands of printers from Apple through Xerox are available online from Tonerpals.com.

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