How to Make DVDs Work for You

DVD pressing is not a new industry, but because it has been around a while it has opened up some great opportunities. DVDs have been out since 1995 and because of that the prices have dropped considerably. This has opened up a lot of new uses that were previously too expensive to consider. So what kinds of opportunities have opened up? What industries best take advantage of these opportunities? Where can I get these DVDs from? These are the questions I will be looking to answer in this article.

Now that DVDs are more affordable, getting a small run of them professionally pressed isn’t out of the question. This means that DVD business cards are not out of the question either. You can also get DVD-R and DVD-RW’s pressed with your company logo on them, which are great for giving out to your clients when making proposals. They are also good to hand out with demonstrations of your work or programs. I’m sure there are even more ways to use them that haven’t even been thought of.

I’m sure you are thinking by now that having DVDs as business cards could work for any industry and you would be correct, but I wanted to focus on a few industries in particular. First of all, the music industry may be an obvious industry to go to but for new artists looking to be discovered, making DVDs wasn’t much of an option. For a new band, being able to hand out professionally made demos of their songs and performances can really give them an edge and stand apart from other new artists. Other industries include graphic design and architecture; small companies can seem a lot larger and more professional with custom made DVDs. In these industries making a good impression is the key, and any edge that you can take advantage of to impress your client could mean landing that big job.

Giving your company an edge in a flooded market can be just what a new company needs to get started. So where can you go to get your DVDs pressed? I found a great American company online at They also offer a great service for those people interested in using DVDs as their business cards. If you’re interested, they also offer them in custom shapes. So get out there and impress your clients by giving your small business the same tools that were once only available to big companies.


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